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9 How to maintain heart health

How to maintain heart health
There are three main risk factors that are interrelated as causes of non-communicable diseases such as heart and stroke, namely smoking, lack of physical activity and unbalanced eating
most women are more concerned about the dangers of heart disease, their husbands or partners than themselves. Our lifestyle changes can improve our health and reduce the risk of heart attack

Here are things you can do:
Sunlight contains Pro vitamin D which can reduce plaque formation in blood vessels.
Bask in the morning before 10:00 for 20-30 minutes.

Consumption of chocolate
do not be mistaken, the benefits of chocolate are also many. You just need to be smart in choosing it. Dark chocolate contains flavonoids and magnesium which can reduce bad cholesterol levels. there is also the content of stearic acid which is one of the friendly fats for the heart and antioxidants that can block free radicals from damaging the artery walls.
 Make sure the chocolate you consume contains 70 percent cocoa to get its benefits.

The heart is a muscle that needs to be trained regularly to stay in top condition.
Walking, swimming, jogging or cycling can provide the best exercise for your heart. do light walking for 40 minutes a day, get heart attacks and strokes.
 this can increase good cholesterol levels in the blood.
Slow motion can also have the same effect.
When your body forms a position and feels relaxed,
You stimulate the connective tissue that energy passes through so that the organ can function optimally.

Consumption of sea fish
Sea fish can lubricate your heart because it contains omega 3 fatty acids which can reduce the risk of cardiac arrhythmias, bad cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and blood clots.

Quit smoking
Cigarettes contain more than 500 substances that can damage cells in the arteries. This can trigger inflammation which can cause increased cholesterol in the heart.

Laugh at
Laughing, you reduce stress hormones that are known to damage the protective lining of blood vessels.
When you are stressed, the heart receives adrenaline in greater doses.
This can cause abnormal heart rhythms and increase platelet stickiness which ultimately results in narrowing of the arteries.
 The hormone released when someone is depressed can also affect heart health. Therefore, depressed patients should get treatment as soon as possible.

Keep teeth clean
Bacteria can enter blood vessels from unhealthy gums.
Brush your teeth at least twice a day and visit your dentist regularly.

The best rest Sleep enough
For people who sleep less than five hours a night tend to experience a buildup of calcium minerals in the heart's blood vessels which may one day rupture and lead to heart attacks and strokes.
Based on research shows that the number of people who experience arterial calcification can be decreased by 1 in 10 by adding
jThe time to sleep well is 6-7 hours a day.

Often hurt or disappointed
that a very satisfying married life can reduce the heart attack factors.
Research conducted on 493 women aged between 42-50 years observed the time to gather together, communication.
In the book it is said that inner stress caused by emotions that are held from heartbreak, too sad, to hostility and anger, can result in a blocked heart aorta whose effects are similar to cholesterol oxidation, metal poisoning, insulin, radiation and thickened blood and sticky.

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