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How to maintain environmental cleanliness from unpleasant waste

How to maintain environmental cleanliness from unpleasant waste

Environment is a place where we can live and where we carry out life activities. Because we need attention and preservation of our environment so that we can live comfortably and be able to carry out activities. One form of preserving our environment is by maintaining environmental cleanliness.

In the world today there are environmental problems where there are now many cases that are always developing regarding environmental hygiene, one of which is the problem of collecting waste in our environment.

As we know garbage is always in our lives, where garbage always disturbs us in doing activities. Garbage is a product or garbage that we don't need, which is actually garbage from us. Waste can be in the form of plastic bottles, plastic bags, paper, dirt, or garbage from the kitchen (for example: vegetables).

With population increases every year, additional needs are needed (eg Eating & drinking), and each of these needs always produces waste. For this reason, waste is always increasing and increasing over time. In addition, actions that are not responsible for waste can actually worsen the situation due to lack of waste in our environment, we need to know that garbage can cause flooding.

Then how to reduce the environment from waste?

· Throw garbage in its place
This method really cannot eliminate waste completely but at least this method can reduce the accumulation of garbage in our environment. this method does not need to be taught just to realize that we need to dispose of garbage

· Expand waste bins in our environment
In this way, maybe people do not have a problem with the lack of available trash cans and maybe people no longer litter.

· Promote about sorting garbage.
It must be known that waste consists of organic waste and non-organic waste that needs to be sorted. Because in general organic waste can be used as compost and non-organic waste must be recycled because non-organic waste cannot rot.

· Always innovate in the use of goods that are not used
By innovating and making waste can be used as handicrafts or souvenirs that not only reduce waste buildup but can also increase our income.
So how to maintain cleanliness this time may be useful.

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